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How to choose formal trousers for men

Trousers are a staple of any man's wardrobe. They became popular in Western European culture in the 16th century, and have increasingly gained predominance since then.

Buy a pair of trousers that fit

Even in modern times, men's trousers have changed. As recently as the 1940s, trousers were measured only by leg length rather than waist size. As a result, they were worn high on the waist, above the stomach, mostly with a pair of braces - meaning trousers were very baggy.

Today, the many styles and cuts of trousers available can be overwhelming - from moleskin trousers to chinos, corduroy trousers to denims. Here are a couple of tips on choosing the right pair of trousers.

Leg length

Trouser length should cover the socks and slightly drape over the shoes. Most trousers are fastened with canvas or leather belts, though braces made a brief resurgence during the 1980s.

Waist measurements

Waist measurements should be taken at the top of the hip bone. Make sure you're standing straight, and don't pull too tight to allow for eating and sitting room. If you have large hips in relation to your waist, it may be advisable to size up.

Choose trousers that suit your shape

Choose trousers that flatter your body shape. Slim men can look great in a pair of trousers with front pleats that fit perfectly on the hips. Larger men should aim for wide legs with flat fronts to make the leg appear longer. Boot cut trousers are great for shorter men.

For more tips and advice on men's trousers visit the Samuel Windsor blog, where you'll discover everything you need to know about men's trousers.

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