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Samuel Windsor

Deck Shoe - Navy Nubuck

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Introducing our new premium Nubuck Leather Boat Shoes, designed with the adventurous spirit and stylish needs of the modern mariner in mind.

Crafted from high-quality nubuck leather, these Deck Shoes offers a soft, velvety texture combined with exceptional durability. The natural finish of the nubuck is specially treated to resist moisture and staining, making it perfect for handling the unpredictable elements at sea while maintaining its sophisticated appearance.

The classic boat shoe design is reimagined with a contemporary twist, featuring a sleek silhouette and a choice of earthy and marine-inspired colors that reflect the serene palette of the seaside. The rawhide laces loop through rustproof eyelets, providing a secure fit while enhancing the shoe's rugged, ready-to-sail aesthetics.


- Deck shoes with leather laces
- Stitch detailing 
- Open channel hand stitching
- Cushioned sock
- Classic but contemporary styling
- Shoehorn provided